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Monday, 3 June 2013


So, I've been thinking about forgiveness. Why? Because situations have cropped up in my life where I have had to learn to forgive.  Yes, I have found out sometimes you have to learn it. That warm fuzzy feeling doesn't come all at once you know. LOL. Especially when the person doing you wrong can't seem to recognise or acknowledge it.

How do you do it. In my case it was a matter of learning to follow what the bible said and praying for them. It took a while but I got to the stage where what they did didn't bother me. While I was praying good things for them (whether I felt like it or not), I came to see them as people who were in some ways just drifting. My hope in Christ often colours how I act, but this doesn't make me a better person than any one else. All I have is a sure rock.

I hope this speaks to you. If someone has 'dun you wrong' then don't put yourself where they can step on you, but don't let them take your peace either. Stay blessed.

Annie XXX

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What a Difference!!!

This weekend the weather changed almost overnight from a cold frosty 2C on Friday, to a warm sunny 16C on Sunday. Yippee. What a difference!!!

My friend went into my garden that evening and asked if I had spent the day doing it up. I hadn't. I had actually done it about 2 weeks before. But because it had been cold and gloomy, no one had noticed it. In the warm sunshine, it suddenly appeared glorious.

I thought to myself, "that's what it's like when God's sonlight shines in our lives."  The beauty might have been there all the time, but no one could see it till his transforming power lit it up.

I pray these week that despite the situations and circumstances around you, his sonlight will continue to light up your life for people to see. Have a bright week.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Warts and all

I hope you've had a good Easter weekend. I know I did.The weather is still cold though. Freezing for April. So here's a pic I hope will  make you feel a bit warmer and cheerful.

A couple of weeks ago the message in church was on prayer. The speaker went through a whole bunch of situations with prayer that we could relate to.  For example, if you had ever fallen asleep praying, or had your mind drift while you were trying to pray, then "join the club".  I bet you have your own "join the club list". It just reminded me that God accepted us with our weaknesses and faults. Or as the saying goes, he accepts us 'Warts and all'. So whatever you are doing this next week for him, keep going. No matter how much you think you have messed it up. We all struggle sometimes in our walk of faith. Remember he accepts you as you are.  Rejoice in his love for you this week "warts and all". Stay blessed.
Annie XXX

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